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Baby Monitor Mobile Premium

2.31 usd

Use any device as video baby monitor to follow your child Our application enables to follow child on smartphones, tablets, PCs or Mac without  buying expensive systems for monitoring. Our app requires two devices (one for child’s room, the other for parent). 
MOTION AND AUDIO DETECTION Video Baby Monitor app use device's camera to detect any motion in its sight. Parent will get a beep if any motion will be detected. Sensitive audio detection system enables parents to hear the child. The app will give a beep when notice any sound activity. Also you can change sensitivity of microphone to tune sound detector for your needs.
MULTIPLATFORMImportant feature of our application is that child’s and parent’s devices can have different operating systems. You can combine them without any problems. e.g. android + iOS or iOS + PC etc.
LIVE VIDEO STREAM IN HD Parent can see what is happening in child’s room live using their device as 3G or Wi-Fi baby monitor. Technologies  that we used enable to provide users the highest video quality.
MULTIDEVICESOne child's device can be connected with several parent's devices.
MULTINETWORKS User is no longer limited to just one Wi-Fi network when  using Video Baby Monitor. Our system can be used at any time, in any country, at any distance with Wi-Fi, 3G or even Edge.
WORKS ON STANDBY MODE Works of any other apps on parents or child's devices will not affect work of mobile baby monitor. Connection with baby will not be lost in any case.
EASY TO USE The app is quick and easy to use even for beginners.
IMPORTANT NOTE Important thing is that our application can be used as  pet monitor or remotely secure house or any location. Our system can act as a simple security system, as well as a sound or motion detector.
Please visit our site to check more information about the app and to see the example of the video. Also we will be very happy to get your comments and suggestions on our e-mail